Help Everyone Do Their Job More Effectively

You need to provide a straightforward way for your program participants to perform their job functions. Each user role will have a unique set of needs. Some are more task oriented, some are management oriented, and others are analysis related – and even more. With DoubleCheck, you’ll have the power to create user specific interfaces, tailored to their roles and responsibilities, minimizing training and maximizing results.


For Management and Executives

Today’s busy executives need to be able to process IRM information at a glance. Reports and dashboards that provide a quick, integrated, easy to interpret view are essential to focusing on what matters. Timely notifications of important events and associated facts are critical. With DoubleCheck, executives will have powerful visualizations and notifications and be able to drill in for more details if there is a specific area of interest. Board level reports and supporting information provide clear and consistent updates on program  status.

For Auditors, Assessors, and Others

You have a group of colleagues that you need to engage to deliver quality input into your GRC process. This could involve auditors testing on a daily basis, operational managers responding  to a quarterly survey, risk owners updating a risk profile or any number of other roles . With DoubleCheck, each role will have an interface tailored to their job making it easy for them to engage, view relevant information, and perform their tasks with quality and efficiency. Ask us about our workbenches, assessments, testing, surveys and other targeted interfaces.


DoubleCheck ERM One™

An out-of-the-box tool that delivers an integrated ERM process together with a comprehensive, high-level categorization of exposures (Financial, Core Business, Operational and Strategic), fully loaded with over 60 associated, pre-populated risks to be used as a starting point.