Stay Informed, Spot Trends and Dig Deeper

Embedded Business Intelligence makes it easy for users to find, filter, analyze and visualize data. With DoubleCheck’s EBI, you will go beyond just numbers with a rich set of displays, charts and graphs, allowing users to best visualize your information for trends analysis, situational awareness, risk assessment and decision support.


Embedded Business Intelligence

With DoubleCheck, you will be able use real time data to:

  • Give users better insight into their data
  • Improve the usability of your data with visualizations and reports
  • Reduce custom development of reporting & analytics
  • Analyze your data from multiple dimensions and identify insights
  • Determine longer term trends and underlying drivers
  • Drill down data across multiple dimensions
  • Build a library of specialized reports and conduct ad-hoc analysis
  • Provide engaging visual presentations to management

Interactive Reports, Embedded Dashboards and Analytics

Did you ever look at a report and want more information?

DoubleCheck EBI embeds dashboards, and interactive reporting and analytics inside your environment to empower you to gain deeper insight into your data. Our solution is designed to let you have as little or as much BI functionality that you need.

Pixel Perfect Reports

  • Highly formatted print-ready reports for executives or boards including charts, images, text and more
  • Reports published in PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSV, DOC, ODT

Self-Service Adhoc Reporting

Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer lets you build interactive cross-tabs, tables, and chart-based reports using a standard browser.

What is Important in Choosing a Business Intelligence Solution?

Choosing a Business Intelligence, Risk, Compliance or Audit system is an important decision. Think about what you want. Reports, dashboards and other outputs that provide the information you, your boss and your colleagues need on demand. User interfaces that make it easy to do the job, without a lot of training. A system that takes on the administrative burden, so you don’t have to chase people around to get them to do their jobs or spend a lot of time cross-checking inputs.These are some key capabilities to look for in a IRM software solution. They should assure that you will have a system that meets your needs, and the needs of your management and business partners.

Business Intelligence Ease of Use: User screens need to be straightforward, showing needed information and no more. Actions need to be readily accessible. With this, your users will be happier, the quality of their work better and your training costs lowered.

DoubleCheck offers use-case driven user interfaces and configurable workbenches, tailored to the task at hand. Your users will find it easy to see what they need to see (and nothing more) and do what they need to do.

Configurable Data and Workflows: While standards exist between the information and processes used to manage risk, compliance and audit, every firm has its own nuances of how the process works and what information needs to be collected, analyzed and reported. You’ll want a system that adapts to your information and processes, so you are not forced into an awkward solution or paying for custom development.

With DoubleCheck’s rich data management capabilities and configurable workflows, we’ll be able to support your business information structure and processes without a big development project.

Rich Business Intelligence Reporting, with Visuals and Notifications: Outputs really matter. You’ll want to be able to communicate status, results and insights in easy to understand ways to your boss, to the board, to your colleagues. You’ll want the system to notify users with the right information if some action is required.

DoubleCheck offers a rich set of dashboards and reports which you can configure. We also offer an optional integrated Embedded Business Intelligence module, helping you take reporting, analysis and visualization to the next level, with powerful ad-hoc analysis and reporting features.

Business Intelligence Expandability: It is very common to start in one area such as risk, compliance or audit and then over time, want to add new features, new applications or modules. Make sure your system can grow and change as your company evolves.

DoubleCheck offers straightforward upgrade paths. With DoubleCheck, you can add new modules without an expensive forklift upgrade. And you can share information across the modules as needed while maintaining the privacy and security required.

Predictable Business Intelligence Implementations: Implementations can be a challenge. Before you buy, you’ll want to be sure your supplier understands what you need and can do it on time and on budget.

Hourly-based implementation proposals are common but potentially open the door to cost and time overruns. By spending a little time with us up front (no charge), we’ll give you a fixed price proposal and we’ll deliver on it, guaranteed.

Ease of Implementation: You should not have to materially change your existing process to implement. The system should not require months of customization. You should not have to wait a year to see results.

DoubleCheck will have your implementation up and running on an agreed schedule. With configuration adaptable to your existing IRM process, our experts make the implementation straightforward and manageable with limited demands on your time or staff.

Price: Price always matters. Make sure you have a good understanding of all your costs, including right to use the software, reliable implementation costs, IT costs, training costs and any other professional services.

DoubleCheck offers reasonable, competitive pricing tailored to your needs. Give us a call – no mysteries here.


DoubleCheck ERM One™

An out-of-the-box tool that delivers an integrated ERM process together with a comprehensive, high-level categorization of exposures (Financial, Core Business, Operational and Strategic), fully loaded with over 60 associated, pre-populated risks to be used as a starting point.