Audit Planning as Part of DoubleCheck’s Audit Software Solutions

With DoubleCheck’s flexible web-based audit planning, you will be able to document your audit universe, rate audits based on risk, past audit results, regulatory requirements, management interest and other company-specific criteria to produce a plan ready for board approval.


Systematic Audit Planning

As the number of audits increases, audit planning becomes increasingly complex. You have a point of view about how to prioritize audits, but objectively weighing factors such as perceived risk, past audit performance, regulatory requirements, timing and resource availability becomes overwhelming. DoubleCheck’s software contains audit planning tools and configurable audit algorithms help you analyze your audit universe and propose an “in-plan” list. You can more confidently recommend a comprehensive plan to be presented to management for review and certification.

Execute the Plan

With a board approved and certified audit plan, you’re ready to start. Use your audit plan to initiate audits, track progress related to plans and measure the overall performance of your audit program. Use the results to build a baseline for your next audit planning cycle.

Tailored to Your Business

In addition to scoring algorithms configured for your business, effective audit planning requires inputs from around the organization. These include risk assessments, timing expectations, resource availability and more. DoubleCheck’s software provides user workbenches configured to roles and responsibilities of participants in your audit planning process.

Audit Management Overview

DoubleCheck Audit Management provides a secure, centralized environment for automating the management of your audit program. With DoubleCheck’s flexible web-based solution, you will be able to document your audit universe, rate audits based on risk, past audit results, regulatory requirements, management interest and other company specific criteria, and produce a plan ready for board approval.

You will be able to schedule audits and manage the process from engagement planning through testing, review, management response and final report generation.

You will have then a complete archive of work papers and evidence, and a database of results that can be used to inform your compliance or risk management activities (as well as subsequent audit planning). The system will track findings and remediation plans and actions, ensuring that findings are responded to and resolved. Results can be reported through real time dashboards, reports and email based notifications.

Audit Management Highlights

  • Build and manage your audit plan based on your organization’s risk profile, regulatory requirements, past performance and company specific criteria
  • Manage audit engagement planning, prioritization, staff assignment and processes
  • Track and review the status of audit activity – test execution, work papers and evidence, reviews, issues and management responses
  • Consolidate issues into findings; track management actions for finding/issue resolution
  • Keep stakeholders informed with schedule or event based dashboards, reports and notifications
  • Choose the capabilities that are right for you: Need audit execution management and issue management but not planning? No problem with our configuration options!

Audit Management Key Benefits

  • User interfaces personalized to the roles and responsibilities of the individual. Users will see the information they need and be guided through their responsibilities, maximizing user satisfaction and effectiveness, while minimizing the cost of training.
  • All key audit functionality: planning, engagement management, execution management, work paper and evidence management (including automating the collection of “provided by client” evidence), final report generation and finding resolution management.
  • Automated workflow management, assuring assignments, due dates and reviews are managed throughout their lifecycle.
  • Demonstrable, auditable program with ability to link and report on audits relative to risk, compliance, policy or regulatory requirements.
  • A rich set of reports and dashboards, each tailored to the needs of audit managers, auditors and boards/management.
  • A robust set of underlying technical capabilities that enable growth as your audit management program evolves, including:
  • Document management
  • Issue creation and resolution management
  • Associated data management (i.e. information about items, such as subject matter experts for audits – these can be names, text, numbers, scores, cash values, dates and more)
  • Testing module
  • Multiple assessment options, including survey style and spreadsheet style
  • User configurable reports
  • Data import and export tools
  • Notifications of tasks to perform, or changes to items related to your responsibilities
  • Risk scoping, rating and scoring
  • Roll-up scoring and reporting
  • Information security management

For more information, download our DoubleCheck Audit Planning Software solution details.


DoubleCheck ERM One™

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