Plan, Execute and Report on Your Audit Program

Manage your audit program more efficiently with DoubleCheck’s audit automation tools. Streamline your planning process; manage individual audits with tools for planning, testing, work-paper management, reviewing, issue management and reporting. Maintain a complete history, with all information stored in a central database.


Audit Management

Configurable Solutions for Risk Based Audits

You need to manage the audit lifecycle starting with risks, identifying and executing tests, managing evidence and work papers, reviewing test results, managing findings, and issuing a formal audit report. DoubleCheck will allow you to automate the process, maintain audit results and evidence, assure management follow up for issues and effectively report results and status.

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Operational Audits

Conduct Operational Audits Effectively and Efficiently

You need to demonstrate ongoing compliance with standards or regulations. This can be complicated by multiple divisions, offices, types of audits, sampling plans and testing requirements. DoubleCheck helps you to automate the process, maintain a database of actions and results, and generate reports and insights about your performance.

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Audit Planning

Tools for Systematic Audit Planning

You need a systematic approach to building an audit plan. You need to consider past audit results, high risk areas, time elapsed since last audit and any number of other factors. And of course you are limited by the number of hours and resources available. Building a plan for executive approval can be complex and time consuming.  DoubleCheck’s audit planning tools makes the planning process faster and more effective.

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Risk Assessments

Perform regular assessments of risks, ensuring scope and impact is current, mitigation and remediation plans are up to date and appropriate management has reviewed and approved the results. You can also perform regular surveys to assure potential new risks are identified, reviewed and considered.



Scheduling periodic risk reviews allows you the gauge and record any updates and modifications, and forward them along for approvals.


Planning and Execution

Allows for assurance that risk assessments and associated processes will be performed, particularly for control testing and issues resolution.



Ability to hold accountability for risk assessments. Reviews provide a process to expose, record, and resolve issues that are noted in the assessments.



Results and real-time updates can be reported through dashboards, reports and email based notifications.


Issue Management

Ability to created, managed, and resolved issues that arise throughout the process.


DoubleCheck™ IRM and Audit Solutions

Powerful tools for Auditors, Compliance and Risk Managers to improve processes, information visibility and quality

Demands on auditors, compliance managers and risk managers are ever increasing as regulators, boards and executives seek to have both a broad and reliable understanding of their firm’s performance relative to regulations, policies and operational practices as well as confidence that the firm’s operational processes will reliably make areas of concern visible and actionable.

The DoubleCheck suite of IRM and Audit tools are designed to enable professionals to meet these challenges. The software provides powerful tools for managing IRM processes, including:

  • Management of company data, such as audits and tests, RCMs, risk registers and policy libraries
  • Tools for risk scoring and risk-based audit planning
  • Configurable workflows, supporting your processes, rather than you adopting the tools processes
  • Features for identifying and reviewing risks; managing tests and assessments; reviewing and reporting consistent with your firm’s policies and practices
  • Policy, document and evidence management that assure documents are available and reviewed
  • Robust issue management capabilities driving issue follow up and resolution
  • Powerful dashboard and reporting capabilities delivering targeted information to the appropriate users
  • Integrated security assuring users only see the information that is relevant to their role.

Interested in how we might help you provide cost-effective tools for IRM and Audit management, where you can spend less time dealing with spreadsheets or other manual processes and more time adding real value? Give us a call for a no obligation consultation!




DoubleCheck ERM One™

An out-of-the-box tool that delivers an integrated ERM process together with a comprehensive, high-level categorization of exposures (Financial, Core Business, Operational and Strategic), fully loaded with over 60 associated, pre-populated risks to be used as a starting point.