Your GRC Journey Continues Here

There are many GRC software solutions to choose from, and features and functions can become hard to distinguish. So, how do you find and deploy a solution that is great for you today AND tomorrow? We’ve put this section together, highlighting the features of our new ERM One™ product, to share the key steps in the GRC process and what we believe is important in making each step a success.


What's Important?

There are three attributes of a solution (Product, Process and Content) that, in combination, deliver the critical services, tools and capabilities that companies require to tactically execute upon the four elements of day-to-day risk management (Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Monitor) with efficiency and effectiveness.

Additional Critical Components

  • Scalability; easy to add on functionality
  • Deliberate modular construction for expandability
  • Highly configurable
  • Turn-key
  • Defined
  • Driven by subject matter expertise
  • Based on use-case evidence
  • Embedded and robust reporting, including ad-hoc
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Data Visualization
  • Capacity for project and workflow management
  • Issue and remediation management
  • Integrated into one package


Whether out-of-the-box core functionality, or a more expansive, yet tailored implementation, DoubleCheck offers products, processes, and content on an agile, configurable, and scalable platform, designed to support all your GRC needs.


DoubleCheck ERM One™

An out-of-the-box tool that delivers an integrated ERM process together with a comprehensive, high-level categorization of exposures (Financial, Core Business, Operational and Strategic), fully loaded with over 60 associated, pre-populated risks to be used as a starting point.