Reporting Risk Assessment Findings… enriching content with context

One of the greatest challenges to managing cyber risk is communications. Often the technologies and tools used to deploy effective countermeasures, monitor activity on networks, and online points of contact between an enterprise and its stakeholders, clients, customers, and partners are described using language uncommon to non-technical audiences. Also lost to those outside cybersecurity and[…]

How Technology Enables Enterprise Risk Management

This is the final blog of a four-part series on ERM from guest blogger Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 Research.   Risk management fails when information is scattered, redundant, non-reliable, and managed as a system of parts that do not integrate and work as a collective whole. The risk management information architecture supports the process architecture[…]

Why Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is Critical to Modern Business

This is Part One of a four-part blog series on ERM that is from guest blogger Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 Research. Organizations take risks all the time but fail to monitor and manage risk effectively for the enterprise. A cavalier approach to risk-taking results in disaster, providing case studies for future generations on how[…]