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Your vision is a truly integrated GRC program. One with rich risk, compliance and audit functions plus cross-functional coordination. Ideally risk assessments inform audits, audit and compliance testing informs your risk program, and policy changes drive updates in business controls and more. Simultaneously, you want practitioners to see what they need to see and no more. With DoubleCheck, you get both – modular solutions for each GRC area with the ability to share data appropriately across application boundaries.

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Unified Approach

A unified approach to GRC allows you to leverage GRC information across the enterprise. By linking key elements across risk, compliance, audit and policy management you’ll be able to streamline processes and maximize utilization of information – dashboards and analytics that cross boundaries. Similarly, you’ll reduce overlap, share overall insight, reuse work and tackle siloed GRC responses while securing what’s private.

No Dead Ends

You need a solution capable of evolving with your business. The DoubleCheck platform allows you to implement your solution in a modular or holistic fashion. You can choose to add incremental GRC functions or advanced business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Upgrades are straight forward and data can be shared and used across modules. DoubleCheck offers a powerful value proposition for organizations looking to get started in one area with the potential to grow over time.

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