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If you are looking for enterprise GRC software that can support your Compliance, Risk, Audit or Enterprise GRC needs, DoubleCheck can help. We offer highly configurable solutions that can be tailored to your company’s users, data and processes. We offer embedded Business Intelligence features that give you the dashboards and reports you and your management wants. DoubleCheck works as your partner to deliver solutions that support your business processes, not the other way around.

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DoubleCheck Enterprise 3.0 software

DoubleCheck brings you our latest version 3.0 software, designed to make your work life easier. We gathered the insights, experience and recommendations of governance, risk, compliance and audit customers just like you to make our existing software even better.

The resulting 3.0 version allows you to support governance, risk, compliance and audit requirements across your organization. With DoubleCheck, you have the ability to configure respondent views, data structure, workflows and outputs.

“DoubleCheck takes a more flexible and nuanced approach to enterprise deployment than other GRC providers, who largely tailor their solution by function rather than individual stakeholder needs. The result is a workflow management framework that leads the industry in terms of its sophistication and ability to adapt to customer needs.”

Read more about what you need to know in this analyst review of the DoubleCheck Enterprise 3.0 software from David Houlihan, at Blue Hill Research

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