Dun and Bradstreet and DoubleCheck Software partner on Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) solution: 


Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (DNB), a leader in providing commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses is partnering with DoubleCheck Software a leader of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions, to deliver a new Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) solution [...]

IIA Atlanta TAC 2018: 

Audit, and How We All Got Here...


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s the question that we ask small children, as they have big dreams, limitless imaginations and no inhibitions and think about what their life can be.  My answer was to be a rocket scientist, and work for NASA…seriously!  And yet [...]

NJTC CIO Conference and Awards: 



DoubleCheck attended and exhibited at the 2018 NJTC CIO Conference and Awards event in Nutley NJ. This NJTC annual conference was held to address strategies involving IT, security, operations, compliance, finance, and liability. Prior to the keynote, remarks were given from the new Chief Innovation Officer of the State of NJ. In addition, awards for CIOs and CISOs of the Year were presented. Attendance at this event was exclusively for CFOs CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Senior IT executives, & IT Managers.


DoubleCheck ERM One™

An out-of-the-box tool that delivers an integrated ERM process together with a comprehensive, high-level categorization of exposures (Financial, Core Business, Operational and Strategic), fully loaded with over 60 associated, pre-populated risks to be used as a starting point.