Vendor Risk Management Software
Understand Exposure and Manage Your Third Party Relationships
DoubleCheck’s Vendor Risk Management Software solutions provide a central location for vendor assessments including risk evaluations, compliance checklists and tools to evaluate vendor performance relative to your organization’s objectives.

Onboarding and Profiling

You need to manage your third party risks and demonstrate compliance with regulations. DoubleCheck software allows you to evaluate prospective and existing vendors and review their potential risks to your business. You’ll also gather relevant information about this vendor to be evaluated against defined criteria. Risk evaluations and profiles can be managed within an established tolerance level.

Performance Assessment and Management

The DoubleCheck tools make it easy to regularly assess performance relative to the standards, collect and archive evidence necessary to support performance claims, assure ownership and closure of any issues. This would typically include contracts with prescribed terms, vendor risk mitigation plans, SSAE-16s, insurance certificates, OFAC review, subcontractor information and other certifications.  Your business will have an accurate, up-to-date real time view of third party risks and demonstrate compliance to regulators.

Room to Grow

You’d like to bring together risk, audit, compliance and control information across business and its relationships. With DoubleCheck’s vendor management software you’ll be able to classify vendors based on specific business or industry requirements and vendor operations.  You’ll also be able to understand your risk exposure and effectively manage risks across GRC functions.


For more information, download our DoubleCheck Vendor Risk Management Solution paper.


For more information, download the GRC 2020 -DoubleCheck Vendor Management white paper.

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