Enterprise Risk Management Software

Software Tools for Effective Risk Management and Reporting
Configurable workflows,  role specific work benches and powerful real time alerts and reports enable a high performance risk management environment.

Risk Identification, Assessment and Management

You need to be able to build and maintain your risk universe and systematically rate risks based on consistent, quantifiable standards. This includes describing, classifying, scoring,  and identifying drivers and trends. DoubleCheck’s tools allow your organizations to examine, assess and manage inherent risks, mitigation and remediation plans and resulting residual risks. These can be reported and compared to your organization’s risk appetite.

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

You need to monitor your ongoing risk performance and receive notifications of material changes to risks or overall performance. Monitor and report on your organization’s risk profile in real-time. Visualize performance with role based dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities. DoubleCheck’s powerful role based visuals provide easy to grasp insights of risk performance. You will be able to increase speed of review, draw conclusions and proactively identify trends.

Room to Grow

You’d like to bring together risk, audit, compliance and control information across business and its relationships. Important findings in compliance or audit automatically updated your risk profile and initiate appropriate stakeholder notification and action. In addition, you can incorporate our advanced analytic capabilities and uncover additional insights about your risk program. And of course, upgrades are straightforward and data can be shared and used across modules.


For more information, download our DoubleCheck Case Study – Major Casualty Insurance Company.


For more information, download our DoubleCheck Case Study – Regional Utility Company.

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