DoubleCheck Cybersecurity Risk Management Platform
Cybersecurity Management Risk Platform Software
Automate the processes and workflows associated with managing a company’s core cyber-security activities. The framework provides a structure that organizations, regulators and process owners can use to create, guide, assess or improve comprehensive cybersecurity programs.

DoubleCheck’s Cybersecurity Management Platform provides a Risk-based approach to managing Cybersecurity risk. The platform fully supports the guidance of the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity as published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Automate the Cybersecurity Process

The DoubleCheck platform enables cybersecurity and IT leadership with a complete set of management tools to automate the processes and workflows associated with managing a company’s core cyber-security activities including the ongoing modification made through the cybersecurity lifecycle. Process improvements, control activities, event tracking, continuous risk assessments, formalized control testing, remediation plans, threat documentation and response and recover controls are just a few of the activities facilitated by the platform.

Complete Component Sets to Address Multiple Framework Standards

Key components of the software include a complete Cybersecurity Risk environment that provides automation for the process of risk assessment, risk ranking, risk responses, risk tolerance, risk exposure and risk analytics. A framework library allows for easy navigation and mapping of including a fully customizable navigable framework based on your company’s unique requirements. A controls testing and Audit component allows for both scheduled and random evaluation and formal review of risk and controls with Issue tracking and gap remediation support provided for findings of various levels of deficiencies. All workflows are fully managed and tracked by the platform with detailed audit trails maintained on all activities.

Business Intelligence and Reporting for all Levels of Management

DoubleCheck provides one of the most advanced Business Intelligence tool sets in the industry as an embedded environment that provides highly detailed and sophisticated analytics both in data and visualized form for use by the three primary levels of management within an organization. These levels include Executive and Board Level, Business Process level Management and Implementation and Operational level Management. Such reports and Analytics can be provided within the platform as visual and navigable dashboards with real-time updates or created to output pixel perfect reports for presentation. Program Managers have powerful Adhoc capabilities at their fingertips to use to best manage the process.

Easy to Use Workflow Functionality

The DoubleCheck Cybersecurity Management Platform is extremely user friendly and is designed to be highly intuitive to those who desire to use or are already familiar with the framework and process guidance provided by NIST and are already using or desire to use the NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4 Framework core.
The platform provides automation and workflow management for the three primary components of the NIST process. These components include the Framework Core, the Framework Tiers, and the Framework Profiles. Examples of key features, tools and automation capabilities for the three primary Framework components are described below.


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