36Risk Management Software Solutions
Identify, Rate and Manage Risks
You need a solution that provides a systematic approach to identify, assess, manage and report on risks. You need to engage risk owners and other internal and external associates to confirm ratings and assure mitigation and remediation plans are in place. You need to have reports and scorecards to clearly communicate status and performance relative to risk appetite.

Configurable ERM Software

 Enterprise Risk Management from DoubleCheck

Risks come in many forms and from many sources. These can be operational, strategic, financial, PR and more. They come from sources such as internal operations, vendors, regulations in a dynamic changing environment. With a DoubleCheck solution you can effectively understand and efficiently manage your risks and assure your exposure is consistent with your risk appetite.

Manage your Third Party Relationships Effectively & Efficiently

VRM Software Solutions from DoubleCheck

Your third party relationships are critical to business today yet introduce significant risks. The ability to effectively manage risks across business relationships and facilitate standard assessments of those risks is critical. DoubleCheck tools allow you to document, communicate, report and monitor the ranges of assessments, documents, tasks, responsibilities, and action plans.

Understand your Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity Risk Management Software from DoubleCheck

DoubleCheck CSRM provides the tools to understand and manage your cybersecurity risk profile, identify areas for focus, and take the actions you need to minimize cyber risks. Working with your framework or leveraging an industry standard, our tools support the processes, data elements and analytics that deliver a well-managed, well-understood cybersecurity risk management program.

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“We needed to put senior management, risk experts, and audit management in one environment. We needed risk owners to be able to update data in a quick and timely fashion so that we can provide leadership with the information that it needs. We did not want the tool to be the roadblock, so it had to present as a very simple user platform for anyone that needed it.”
-Chief Risk Officer, North American Utilities Provider


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