Centralized Policy Management for Your GRC Program
Assure your policies are current and up-to-date with scheduled or on-demand reviews and certification processes.  As policies change, assure impacted risks, controls and audits are appropriately updated.

Since we’ve implemented DoubleCheck, we can get our SOX reporting done in two hours. Before it would take us three days and we wasted valuable time and resources. I highly recommend DoubleCheck compliance software.” –Global Manager,
Manufacturing Company

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Link Corporate Policy with Your GRC Program

With powerful cross-linking capabilities map policies to related risks, controls or audits. Additionally, link policies to external regulations, standards or other third party requirements. With an integrated GRC policy library, you’ll be able to understand and manage policy actions resulting from GRC findings or external changes.

Efficient Policy Maintenance

You will be able to understand the schedule for policy renewal, automatically distribute policies to subject matter experts for review and update. You’ll also be able to automate certifications and distribute updated policies.

Centralized Policy Library

Maintain a centralized library of your policies in an organized and logical structure. Maintain information about the policies including policy owners, subject matter experts, review dates and related policies, standards and regulations.










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