Regulatory Change Management for ACA
A configurable software-based solution for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance
ACA regulations are being changed and added continually. You need to keep track of evolving regulations, assess their requirements on business operations and establish and review procedures in order to ensure compliance. You can do this with a straightforward solution, configured to your needs.

DoubleCheck Regulatory Change Management provides a secure, centralized environment for automating the management of changes in the regulatory environment. With DoubleCheck’s flexible web-based solution, you will be able to document the regulations, laws and standards of import, automatically assign appropriate reviewers and collect, review and certify their response plans.

Manage Change

A regulation has changed – what does your firm need to do? You’ll review the new regulation and assign it to impacted groups. Those groups will be able to see the information, provide action plans and associated documentation for further delegation and review. As plans are completed, resulting actions and recommendations will roll up to management for approval. Change management actions (such as the creation of new processes or controls) can be linked to the associated regulation. Results can be reported through real time dashboards, reports and email based notifications.

Document Your Regulatory Requirements

You want to maintain and update your regulatory requirements within your structure and processes. For each regulation you’d like to include additional information and documentation, such as legal interpretations or effective dates. You want to maintain results in a library of regulations and reference documents for involved parties to review or use. You need to be able to associate regulations with appropriate processes, risks, accounts and business units. DoubleCheck gives you the tools to make this possible in a user friendly way.

Room to Grow

You need your solution to evolve with your business for today and tomorrow. With DoubleCheck there are multiple dimensions for growth. Whether you need to add incremental regulatory requirements or directly link a new regulation with an expanded audit, a new control in your compliance program or a new risk, we’ve got you covered. Expansions and upgrades are straightforward and data can be shared and used across modules.


For more information, download our DoubleCheck Regulatory Change Management Software solution details.


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