Embedded Business Intelligence for GRC
Stay Informed, Spot Trends and Dig Deeper
GRC Embedded Business Intelligence makes it easy for users to find, filter, analyze and visualize data. With DoubleCheck’s EBI, you will go beyond just numbers with a rich set of displays, charts and graphs, allowing users to best visualize your information for trends analysis, situational awareness, risk assessment and decision support.

Rich EBI Capabilities for Your GRC Environment

Using DoubleCheck’s EBI, you will be able use real time data to:

  • Give users better insight into the GRC data
  • Improve the usability of your GRC data with visualizations and reports
  • Reduce custom development of reporting & analytics
  • Analyze your data from multiple dimensions and identify insights
  • Determine longer term trends and underlying drivers
  • Drill down data across multiple dimensions
  • Build a library of specialized reports and conduct ad-hoc analysis
  • Provide engaging visual presentations to management

Interactive Reports, Embedded Dashboards and Analytics

Did you ever look at a report and want more information?

DoubleCheck EBI embeds dashboards, and interactive reporting and analytics inside your GRC environment to empower you to gain deeper insight into your data. Our solution is designed to let you have as little or as much BI functionality that you need.

Pixel Perfect Reports

  • Highly formatted print-ready reports for executives or boards including charts, images, text and more
  • Reports published in PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSV, DOC, ODT

Self-Service Adhoc Reporting

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer lets you build interactive crosstabs, tables, and chart-based reports using a standard browser

“I always present enterprise risk with a heat map. Directors look for something they can use and wrap their heads around. When there’s just lists of risks, they get frustrated. You need to funnel down to say ‘Here’s how all those elements compare, what to worry about. From there you can get to proposed actions without wasting any time.”
– Head of Operational Risk, Banking.


For more information, download our What’s Important in Choosing a GRC Solution checklist.

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