Audit Planning Made Easier
Audit Planning as Part of DoubleCheck’s Audit Software Solutions
DoubleCheck’s audit software tools can make the rest of the audit process as painless as possible.

Systematic Audit Planning

As the number of audits increases, audit planning becomes increasingly complex. You have a point of view about how to prioritize audits, but objectively weighing factors such as perceived risk, past audit performance, regulatory requirements, timing and resource availability becomes overwhelming.  DoubleCheck’s audit planning tools and configurable audit algorithms help you analyze your audit universe and propose an “in-plan” list. You can more confidently recommend a comprehensive plan to be presented to management for review and certification.

Execute the Plan

With a board approved and certified audit plan, you’re ready to start. Use your audit plan to initiate audits, track progress related to plans and measure overall performance of your audit program. Use the results to build a baseline for your next audit planning cycle.

Tailored to Your Business

In addition to scoring algorithms configured for your business, effective audit planning requires inputs from around the organization. These include risk assessments, timing expectations, resource availability and more. DoubleCheck provides user workbenches configured to roles and responsibilities of participants in your audit planning process.


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