Sarbanes-Oxley Solutions

Highly Configurable SOX Software Helps You Link Your Data, Maintain Version Control, And -- Most Importantly -- Meet Your Corporate Compliance Objectives.Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and SOX-Type compliance regulations cut across many industries and even countries:

  • Accelerated SOX Filers
  • Non-Accelerated SOX Filers
  • Bill 198/ML 52-109 (Canada)
  • J-SOX (Japan)
  • Model Audit Rule (Insurance)

All of these types of compliance regulations can be better managed with a software solution that comes with a core set of functionality and features. The DoubleCheck™ GRC & Audit Platform includes not only an electronic repository of the system data, but also a complete set of administrative tools, customized dashboards, testing, self-assessment and information reporting options.

The application is easily configurable to variations in Corporate Compliance and Controls Framework Methodologies. Not only can the information associated with your data items be manipulated by an authorized user (without requiring IT support), but entire workflows can be modified for your specific requirements. The ability to link different data items (Processes, Risks, Controls) and maintain version control across the system are significant cost and efficiency improvements as compared to the manual approach of juggling multiple Excel spreadsheet binders.

All of these changes occur in a coordinated fashion across all of your business units and are fully auditable. This enables any firm to meet their corporate Governance objectives as well as comply with the newly revised Sarbanes-Oxley Act from the SEC and AS5 guidelines from the PCAOB.

DoubleCheck v2.3 has numerous features and capabilities, including:

  1. Multiple Entity Views
    Now an individual user can view their data from multiple perspectives, such as at the Process level and the Risk level, with one click of their mouse.
  2. Enterprise View
    This view shows a summary of item information, including a summary of those items that exist across multiple organizations within the company.
  3. Personalized Dashboards
    Each user can now customize their “home page” with specific information and reports that are relevant to their needs and responsibilities. It can also alert individual Process or Control owners when key controls assigned to them fall out of compliance.
  4. Data Import and Export
    There are multiple ways of getting bulk data in and out of the system, including XML and .XLS files. Most reports also provide an export to .XLS function, allowing for further analysis. This is often the report format preferred by external auditors.
  5. Template Library
    The application is delivered pre-loaded with your specific library of items, as well as tests and test schedule templates.

Questions About Our Sarbanes-Oxley Software Solutions?

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