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Document Controls, Assess Performance, Manage Exceptions and More
With DoubleCheck’s compliance management software solutions, you’ll have tools to manage regulatory change and document your compliance framework. You’ll also be able to test or assess your performance, manage remediations and share status and results with stakeholders.

Regulatory Change Management for ACA from DoubleCheck.

Keep track of regulatory activity and ensure you stay compliant.

ACA regulations are being changed and added continually. You need to keep track of evolving regulations, assess their requirements on business operations and establish and review procedures in order to ensure compliance. You can do this with a straight-forward solution, configured to your needs.

Meet SOX Standards With Powerful Compliance Software

Efficiently manage your SOX compliance process.


Manage your Sarbanes-Oxley control framework and empower management with tools to easily perform control assessments and testing. You’ll be able to manage issues and remediations as well as leverage 3rd party frameworks, including COSO and CobIT. With powerful reporting and notifications, you’ll keep stakeholders informed on progress and results.

Model Audit Rule (MAR) Compliance for Insurance Carriers

Comply with NAIC standards for governance and financial integrity.

Automate the processes associated with MAR compliance. Collect and review evidence, manage issues, produce reports tailored to your business requirements.

Stay on top of OMB A-123

Demonstrate effective management of internal controls in federal agencies.

Document key processes and associated controls. Establish and execute a robust testing framework. Identify and correct deficiencies and weaknesses. Get real-time visibility into the performance of your controls.

Ensure Your Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

Streamline the process of adopting the PCI DSS framework.

Starting with pre-populated PCI DSS requirements, identify your controls and tests to show compliance. With automated workflows and tailored user interfaces, your team will quickly provide the required information to demonstrate performance, manage and resolve issues and comply with PCI DSS.

“When looking at the cost of a compliance failure, the numbers take on even greater significance. The later study found that $1 billion revenue companies having just one compliance failure incurred $81 million in costs — consisting of settlement fees of $64 million, lost business of $14 million, and fine, remediation and business interruption of $3 million.”
-Richard M. Steinberg, CEO of Steinberg Governance Advisors Inc


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